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Oklahoma Law Review

Permission Requests

Permission to Reprint - Nonprofit Educational Institutions

Except as otherwise expressly provided, the author of each article in the Oklahoma Law Review has granted permission for copies of the article to be made and used by nonprofit education institutions, provided that the author and the Oklahoma Law Review are identified and that the proper notice of copyright is affixed to each copy.

Permission to Reprint - All Other Institutions

Permission to reprint entire articles, or excerpts of articles, from the Oklahoma Law Review is granted through the Review's business office. Please forward all requests to:

Oklahoma Law Review
Copyright Permission
300 Timberdell Road
Norman, Oklahoma 73019

Requests for permission should include the following information:

  • The exact cite, author's name, and title of the copyrighted material.
  • A description of how the copyrighted material will be used.
  • The author and title of the work in which the excerpted material is to be reprinted.
  • The publishing house, proposed date of publication, and number of copies that will be produced.

Because the Oklahoma Law Review only retains the copyright to the collective work, it will be necessary, in most cases, to obtain additional permission from the author.