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2009-2010 Editorial Board


Michael L. Brooks

Managing Editor

N. Georgeann Roye

Executive Articles Editor

Michael W. Cromwell

Note Editors

Caleb Brown
Terra Parten
Brandon M. Watson

Articles Editors

Conor P. Cleary
Katherine R. Morelli
Jared Robert Weir

Assistant Note Editors

Melissa Lynne Montgomery
Kristen N. Pence
Miranda R. Russell

Assistant Articles Editors

Lauren Akers
A. Brooke Murphy
Todd M. Wagner
Jennifer M. Warren

Assistant Managing Editors

Jacqueline Lee Campbell
Amanda Lynn Janssen
Lauren Lindsey
Emily D. Wilson

Administrative Editor

Aaron C. Parks

Research Editor

David K. Hale

Marketing Editor

Julie Elizabeth Myers

Assistant Editors

Steven Albright
Keith Barrett
Laura Calvery


Nathan H. Aduddell
Tyler R. Barrett
Barrett T. Bowers
Robert Brown
Philip R. Bruce
Meredith J. Caldwell
Kenzie L. Claunch
Christopher M. Crouch
Toby L. Friesen
Stephen Gary
Bevan J. Graybill
Sean S. Hunt
Carissa C. King
John M. Krattiger
Robert George Lepak
Michael Wescott Meade
Adam Meehan
Amy Dominick Padgett
J. Blake Patton
Jamie M. Powers
Kelsey Lynn Quillian
Jonathan Rector
Lindsey A. Smith
Kayna L. Stavast-Piper
Patrick L. Stein
Carrie Beth Swinford
Danae Victoria VanSickle
Zach P. West
Paula Williams