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2008-2009 Editorial Board


Jessica L. Reinsch

Managing Editor

Ashleigh L. Boggs

Note Editors

Hazen Cole Marshall
Erin Means
Amanda M. Swain

Articles Editors

Blake Pinard
Curtis J. Thomas
James M. Tilly

Assistant Note Editors

Tyler P. Evans
Mary Mahala Gardner
Valerie Grey

Assistant Articles Editors

Taylor J. King
Megan B. Morgan
John P. Napier

Assistant Managing Editors

Jennifer D. Ary
Brandee Lyn Bruening
A. Grant Everett
Sarah E. Leatherwood

Administrative Editor

Ashley E. Streight

Research Editor

Sara J. Tennesson

Marketing Editor

Kevin Richard Hanger

Assistant Editors

Josh Harrison
Harrison C. Lujan
Kara Thom


Lauren Akers
Steven Albright
Keith Barrett
Michael L. Brooks
Caleb Brown
John Bunting
Laura Calvery
Jacqueline Lee Campbell
Conor P. Cleary
Michael W. Cromwell
Christopher Cumings
Toby L. Friesen
David K. Hale
Amanda Lynn Janssen
Jennifer M. Keitel
Terra Lord
Melissa Lynne Montgomery
Katherine R. Morelli
A. Brooke Murphy
Julie Elizabeth Myers
Aaron C. Parks
Kristen N. Pence
N. Georgeann Roye
Miranda R. Russell
Stacey M. Sheely
Lauren Vanderlip
Todd M. Wagner
Brandon M. Watson
Jared Robert Weir
Emily Diane Wilson