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Oklahoma Law Review

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Oklahoma Law Review

Archive Web Issue - Vol. 62, No. 3 (Spring 2010)


  • Foreword - Andrew M. Coats Article in PDF
  • Humble Beginnings: A History of the OU College of Law - Bob Burke & Justice Steven W. Taylor Article in PDF
  • OU Law: Cultivating Character - Governor Brad Henry Article in PDF
  • The Latest Phase of Negro Disfranchisement [1912 Reprint from the Harvard Law Review] - Julien C. Monnet Article in PDF
  • The Dean Takes His Stand: Julien Monnet's 1912 Harvard Law Review Article Denouncing Oklahoma's Discriminatory Grandfather Clause - Harry F. Tepker Article in PDF
  • Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher: How a "Skinny Little Girl" Took on the University of Oklahoma and Helped Pave the Road to Brown v. Board of Education - Cheryl Brown Wattley Article in PDF


  • Uncharted Waters: The Supreme Court Plots the Course to a Constitutional Bright-Line Restriction on Punitive Awards in Exxon Shipping Co. v. Baker - Michael L. Brooks Article in PDF


  • High Hopes Hamstrung: How the "Trial De Novo" for Termination of Tenured Teachers' Contracts Undermines School Reform in Oklahoma - N. Georgeann Roye Article in PDF
  • Cutting the Fat Out of Health-Care Costs: Why Medicare and Medicaid Write-Offs Should Not Be Recoverable Under Oklahoma's Collateral Source Rule - Michael W. Cromwell Article in PDF