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Archive Issue - Vol. 60 No. 2 Summer 2007

2007-2008 Masthead
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  • Suing Islam: Tort, Terrorism and the House of Saud - Donald W.Garner & Robert L. McFarland- Article in PDF
  • The Revitalization of AKE: A Capital Defendant's Rights to Expert Assistance - Cara H. Drinan - Article in PDF


  • Mashed Up Videos and Broken Down Copyright: Changing Copyright to Promote the First Amendment Values of Transformative Video - Andrew S. Long - Article in PDF
  • Reversing Course on Reverse Payment Settlements in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Has Schering-Plough Created the Blueprint for Defensible Antitrust Violations? - Scott A. Backus - Article in PDF


  • SLAPPing Around the First Amendment: An Analysis of Oklahoma's Anti-SLAPP Statue and Its Implications on the Right to Petition - Laura Long - Article in PDF