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Archive Issue - Vol. 57 No. 4 Winter 2004

2004-2005 Masthead
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  • Recent Developments in Oklahoma Antitrust Law - D. Kent Meyers & Jennifer A. Dutton - Article in PDF
  • Antitrust Law: Indirect Purchaser Standing to Sue in Oklahoma – Major v. Microsoft Corp. - Keith D. Tracy & Ronald L. Walker - Article in PDF
  • Recent Developments in Oklahoma Class Action Law - Jim T. Priest & Michael R. Pacewicz - Article in PDF
  • Drug-Detection Dogs, Traffic Stops, and the Fourth Amendment - Michael J. Fields - Article in PDF
  • Student Suspension for Possession of Contraband in Student Vehicles: Correct Guidance from the Tenth Circuit - Larry Lewis - Article in PDF
  • Christian v. Gray: The Oklahoma Supreme Court Accepts the Daubert Standard - Debra W. McCormick & Randon J. Grau - Article in PDF
  • Expert Witness Fees as a Recoverable Item of Costs: Recent Litigation Trends - Paul M. Kolker - Article in PDF
  • Potential Abrogation of Attorney-Client Privilege in Oklahoma as a Result of HIPAA - Alexander M. Bednar - Article in PDF
  • Litigating Medical Malpractice Cases in Oklahoma: The Aftermath of HIPAA - Melissa A. Couch - Article in PDF
  • Oil and Gas Law: Recent Oklahoma Cases Interpreting Oil and Gas Joint Operating Agreements - Mark D. Christiansen - Article in PDF
  • Original Jurisdiction Actions as a Remedy for Oklahoma's Decision Deficit - Bradley W. Welsh - Article in PDF
  • The Impact of Recent U.S. Supreme Court Punitive Damages Jurisprudence on Oklahoma's Punitive Damages Statute and Jury Instructions - Andrew C. Jayne - Article in PDF
  • Oklahoma Uniform Securities Act of 2004 - Stephanie Chapman & Stephen Hetrick - Article in PDF
  • Oklahoma's Tort Reform Act: Texas-Style Tort Reform or Texas-Size Compromise? - James A. Higgins - Article in PDF
  • A Review of Oklahoma's 2003 and 2004 Tort Reform - Beth Reynolds - Article in PDF


  • Attorney Fees: Attorney Fees, Prevailing Parties, and Judicial Discretion in Oklahoma Practice: How It Is, How It Should Be - Jami Rhoades Antonisse - Article in PDF
  • Civil Procedure: Medical Malpractice Gets Eerie: The Erie Implications of a Heightened Pleading Burden in Oklahoma - Dace A. Caldwell - Article in PDF