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Oklahoma Law Review

Archive Issue - Vol. 56 No. 3 Fall 2003

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  • Enemy Combatants, the Courts, and the Constitution - Roberto Iraola - Article in HTML
  • Parsing the Meaning of "Adverse Employment Action" in Title VII Disparate Treatment, Sexual Harassment, and Retaliation Claims: What Should be Actionable Wrongdoing? - Rosalie Berger Levinson - Article in HTML
  • Assessing Legislative Restrictions on Constitutional Rights: The Russian Constitutional Court and Article 55(3) - Peter Krug - Article in HTML


  • Constitutional Law: The Province and Duty of the Judicial Department: Why the Judiciary Cannot Continue to Use Justicability to Avoid Dealing with the Tension Between Congress and the President Regarding the War Powers - Cassandra L. Wilkinson - Article in HTML
  • International Law: Blaming Big Brother: Holding States Accountable for the Devastation of Terrorism - Sarah E. Smith - Article in HTML