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Oklahoma Law Review

Archive Issue - Vol. 56 No. 2 Summer 2003

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Recent Developments in Oklahoma Law

  • New Developments in Oklahoma Business Entity Law - Gary W. Derrick & Irving L. Faught - Article in HTML
  • Civil Procedure: Class Certification and the Predominance Requirement Under Oklahoma Section 2023(B)(3) - Steven Gensler - Article in HTML
  • Constitutional Law: The Garvee Bonds Case and Executive Power: Breakthrough or Blip? - Andrew C. Spiropoulos - Article in HTML
  • Annual Survey of Oklahoma Contract, Consumer, and Commercial Law: 2000-2002 - Fred H. Miller - Article in HTML
  • Criminal Law: The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals' Procedural and Substantive Application of Ring v. Arizona to Oklahoma's Capital Sentencing Scheme - Seth Branham - Article in HTML
  • Evidence: Is Oklahoma Balancing the Scales of Justice by Tying the Hands of Trial Judges?: The 2002 Amendment to Section 2403 of the Oklahoma Evidence Code Mandating Admission of In-Life Victim Photographs in Homicide Cases - Liesa L. Richter - Article in HTML
  • Family Law: Third Party Custody After Baby Girl L. and A.G.S.: Now Where Are We? - Robert G. Spector - Article in HTML
  • Recent Developments in Oklahoma Oil and Gas Law - Philip D. Hart - Article in HTML
  • Securities Law: Section 307 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Irreconcilable Conflict with the ABA's Model Rules and the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct? - Jennifer Wheeler - Article in HTML


  • International Law: Valdez v. State of Oklahoma and the Application of International Law in Oklahoma - Jeffrey L. Green - Article in HTML


  • Legal and Professional Ethics: The Regulation of Ancillaries and Law-Related Services Reaches Oklahoma - Kencade Babb - Article in HTML