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Oklahoma Law Review

Archive Issue - Vol. 55 No. 2 Summer 2002

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  • Professionalism: Remarks at the Dedication of the University of Oklahoma Law Building and Library, 2002 - Sandra Day O'Connor - Article in HTML
  • Are you Willing to Make the Commitment in Writing? The APA, ALJs, and SSA - Jeffrey Scott Wolfe - Article in HTML
  • Presuming Innocence - Rinat Kitai - Article in HTML

Book Review

  • Beyond Observable Prejudice - Moving from Recognition of Differences to Feasible solutions: A Critique of Ian Ayres' Pervasive Prejudice - Mary Margaret Penrose - Article in HTML


  • Legal and Professional Ethics: Protection of Client Identity - Rebecca Wood Hunter - Article in HTML


  • Independent Finance Institute v. Clark, How the Oklahoma Supreme Court Allowed a Twenty-Seven-Year-Old Footnote to Force Political Reform of the Supervised Lending Industry - Frank Sullivan, III - Article in HTML
  • Property Law: The Uniform Conservation Easements Act: An Attorney's Guide for the Oklahoma Landowner - Erin McDaniel - Article in HTML