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Oklahoma Law Review

Archive Issue - Vol. 55 No. 1 Spring 2002

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  • The Uncommon Law: Insanity, Executions, and Oklahoma Criminal Procedure - Bryan Lester Dupler (pg. 1) - Article in HTML
  • Licensees in Landoccupiers' Liability Law - Should They Be Exterminated or Resurrected - Osborne M. Reynolds, Jr. (pg. 67) - Article in HTML
  • Surface Use by the Mineral Owner: How Much Accommodation Is Required Under Current Oil and Gas Law? - Christopher M. Alspach (pg. 89) - Article in HTML


  • Constitutional Law: Affirmative Action in the Public Sector: The Admissibility of Post-enactment Evidence of discrimination to Provide a Compelling Governmental Interest - Andrew C. Jayne (pg. 121) - Article in HTML


  • Constitutional Law: Boy Scouts of America v. Dale: The Scout Oath and Law Survive Government Intrusion - J. Craig Buchan (pg. 153) - Article in HTML
  • Constitutional Law: MCI Telecommunications Corp v. Public Service Commission: The Tenth Circuit Rebuffs the supreme Court Trend Supporting State Immunity - Stephanie Chapman (pg. 175) - Article in HTML