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Oklahoma Law Review

Archive Issue - Vol. 54 No. 4 Winter 2001

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  • What is it Good For? War Power, Judicial Review, and Constitutional Deliberation - J. Richard Broughton - Article in HTML
  • Certiorari and the Supreme Court Agenda: An Empirical Analysis - Kevin H. Smith - Article in HTML


  • Constitutional Law: Establishment Clause v. Free Expression: Adler v. Duval County School Board - Ron Shinn - Article in HTML
  • Constitutional Law: United States v. Morrison: The Gender Motivated Violence Act Takes a Beating by the Supreme Court's New Commerce Clause Jurisprudence - Jodi Fowler Jayne - Article in HTML
  • Income Tax: Kenseth v. Commissioner: The Assignment of Income Doctrine and Its Misapplication to ConĀ­tingent Attorneys' Fees - Aubree Helvey - Article in HTML
  • Torts: Nealis v. Baird: The Oklahoma Supreme Court Extends Fetal Rights in Wrongful Death Suits but Leaves Important Questions Unanswered - Cory Hicks - Article in HTML