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About the Board of Advocates

The Board of Advocates is a group of highly qualified and competitive students that organizes and helps facilitate the success of the many inter and intra school competitions hosted by the OU College of Law. The Board is made up entirely of second and third year law students who have excelled in moot court, mock trial, client counseling, mediation, and/or arbitration. As members of the Board, each individual is committed to helping other students achieve even greater success.

The OU Board of Advocates organizes and facilitates two annual intra-school moot court competitions. In the fall, it hosts the Calvert Moot Court Competition for all second and third year law students. In the spring, it hosts a separate 1L Competition for all of the first year law students. In addition to these annual competitions, the Board also facilitates the regional and national inter-school competitions hosted by the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does BOA stand for?

The Board of Advocates is a student-run organization that promotes oral and written advocacy through on-campus and off-campus competitions. OU College of Law students can practice their advocacy skills in Moot Court, Mock Trial, Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation competitions.

How do I join the BOA?

All OU College of Law students are eligible to join the BOA.

How can 1L's get involved?

In the Fall semester, 1Ls are eligible to serve as bailiffs in the Calvert Competition. In the Spring semester, all 1Ls participate in the BOA sponsored 1L Moot Court competition. 1Ls are also eligible to run for BOA positions for their second and third years.

Where is the BOA office?

The Board of Advocates is located on the Southwest corner of the third floor in the College of Law, Room 3006.

For more information, stop by the office or email BOA at: